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Motorcycle Thieves Foiled by Zero’s Tracking Tech

(Image Source: Flickr)

The latest test of a new anti-theft device from Zero has proven to be a massive success. The theft of motorcycles is becoming increasingly rampant in big cities all across the United Kingdom, and is even on the rise in the United States as well, albeit not quite as prevalent as yet.

The unfortunate trend is only continuing to grow, in London in particular, which saw an astounding 14,000 motorbikes stolen and 23,430 crimes committed with the use of stolen motorcycles last year. An average of 65 motorcycles are stolen every day. Because of this the Mayor of London organised an OEM summit to try to come out with design methods of preventing motorbike crime – and Zero Motorcycles, the electric motorbike purveyor, appears to have risen to the challenge.

The anti-theft system

The anti-theft system designed by Zero Motorcycles was recently tested out, when bikes that the new theft tracking tests were being conducted on were taken from the rear of a transport van. The result showed just how efficient the company’s new anti-theft system really is. The timing certainly could not have been more ideal, with Zero having officially become partners with British motorbike security firm Datatool literally hours prior to the theft of the vehicles. The two companies had just signed an agreement to undertake anti-theft device tests on electric motorbikes.

The anti-theft devices had only just started to be tested, when spectacularly unfortunate criminals stole the bikes at around half past three in the morning. The theft was detected and police informed around five hours later, and the tracking devices were then used in order to find the precise GPS location of the stolen motorbikes. The technology offered a pinpointed Google map, in addition to the precise coordinates of the stolen vehicles. The authorities found it simple to just head to the spot that was pinging on their map – and the stolen vehicles were uncovered underneath a tarpaulin, incredibly close to the van from which they had originally been taken. According to Dale Robinson, the manager of Zero UK, police actually commented that the information they received from the tracking devices was the most accurate they have ever been given!

Great publicity

The theft turned out to be an unexpected boon for Zero Motorcycles. Not only were the stolen vehicles recovered and returned to them, but the incident resulted in some great publicity for the company and their new anti-theft devices, the kind of publicity that no amount of money could ever actually buy. The brand new technology will not only be of great assistance in the fight against motorcycle theft, particularly when paired with the immobilizers on the machines. These are apparently much more difficult for thieves to bypass than is the case with a standard ignition. Zero has not yet revealed exactly where in the bikes the devices have been installed, presumably in a bid to avoid letting thieves know what they have to do in order to start getting away with it all over again.