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Driving for Motorcycle

Four Adjustments You Should Make to a New Motorbike

(Image Source: Flickr)

When you buy a new bike, you may be tempted to jump right on it and start riding. However, in order to get the most out of your machine, it is important that you properly adjust and set it up. Below is a guide to 4 things you should do so that you can have a comfortable and safe ride.

Adjust the brake and gear levers

The brake and gear levers are the controls which will be used most frequently when you are out riding. It is important that these levers can be easily reached when you are riding so you can properly control your bike. If the levers are not properly positioned, you may struggle to reach them which could result in you not being able to control your bike, or developing muscle strain as you overreach in order to change gear or brake.

To adjust the lever, you simply need to loosen the clamp which is attaching the lever to the handle bar. You should then be able to rotate and move the lever to a position which is more comfortable. When repositioning the levers, you should do so while sitting on the bike in the riding position so you can establish the correct location. Once you are happy with the new position, simply tighten up the clamp to hold the lever in place.

Adjust the clip-on handlebars

If your bike features clip-on handle bars, you should be able to rotate these, so they are closer to the body of the bike or further away. In the same way, you can adjust the levers. To do this, you should unscrew the bolts which hold the handle bars in place and, while sitting on the machine, reposition them at a height and angle which suits you. When retightening the two bolts which hold the handlebars in place, you should do so evenly by tightening one by a half-turn and then the other. Doing so prevents the handlebars from becoming misaligned during the tightening process.

Adjust the footpegs

Next, you should turn your attention to the footpegs. If your machine has adjustable foot pegs already installed, you can simply unbolt the pegs and move them forwards or backwards in order to match the size of your feet. If your machine is not fitted with adjustable foot pegs, you should consider investing in a new adjustable set to replace the fixed footpegs on your machine.

Adjust the seat

If you are planning to spend long days on the road covering hundreds of miles, you will need to know that the seat on your bike is going to offer you all the comfort you need. As well as adjusting the height of your factory installed seat, you can also opt to buy a custom made motorcycle seat which contains extra padding and support.

Don’t settle for an uncomfortable ride. By making these small adjustments to your motorcycle, you can dramatically increase your level of comfort and safety when you are out and about riding on your machine.