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Driving for Motorcycle

Should you Consider Advanced Motorcycle Training after Passing your Test?

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You may be the most confident person in the world in terms of your ability to ride a motorcycle, but the fact remains that pretty much every rider can find some benefit in undertaking advanced motorcycle training from professionals.

Advanced motorcycle training brings with it a multitude of advantages, from the reduction of wear and tear on the bike as well as lower fuel consumption, to ensuring that riders are prepared for more difficult road conditions, and are able to identify potential road dangers early enough to be able to avoid them and avert accidents. However, perhaps the single most important aspect of advanced motorcycle training is to ensure that riders are able to keep a strong and visible road presence.

Insurance premiums and advanced motorcycle training

In addition to the safety benefits of advanced motorcycle training, motorbike insurance premiums could also be potentially reduced by such courses. According to GoCompare.com, as many as 74 percent of the 31 motorcycle insurance policies listed by the independent financial researcher gave discounts on premiums to advanced riders. The course cost may not be outweighed by the savings, but while money should not be the main motivation for anyone to take an advanced motorcycle training course, some insurers have offered premium reductions of between ten to 15 percent for people who have completed such courses.

The courses

There are a variety of different advanced motorcycle training courses run in the United Kingdom, although if a premium reduction is important then it is important to know that insurers do not recognise all of them. You should get in touch with your insurance company to find out if you will gain any benefit in that regard prior to taking the course. The targeted ability level and scope of different courses can vary dramatically, with some courses taking several months to complete while others last just for one day. All advanced motorcycle training courses should be run by highly experienced and skilled trainers whose priority is to make certain that you have a greater understanding of your motorcycle, other road user,s and the road, than was previously the case. Available courses include:

  • DVSA Certificate of Competence, a government led initiative and a personally tailored course very varying costs
  • IAM Motorcycle Test, a training course and examination held in five stages by the Institute of Advanced Motoring
  • RoSPA Gold, Silver and Bronze, awards achieved via a comprehensive exam conducted by retired or serving police officers that lasts for 90 minutes
  • British Motorcyclists Federation Blue Riband, the biggest motorcycling organization in the UK, offers an advanced rider course that conducts a final assessment following a 150 mile course that may be completed in staggered sessions or on just one day
  • Motag Advanced Rider Improvement Course, which takes place over two days and is designed to fit the abilities and requirements of individual riders
  • BikeSafe, 1-2 day courses staged by regional police forces with a combination of theoretical and practical training

Some insurers also still recognise older courses such as the Edge Initiative, National Motorcycle Training Award, MAC Rider Training and Vision Advanced Gold.