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Driving for Motorcycle

Compulsory Basic Training: A Guide

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Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is something that everyone who wants to ride a motorcycle or moped must complete. All learner drivers must pass the course, the only exception being those that passed their driving test before February 1st 2001 and only wish to ride a 50cc moped. The CBT course should help to make sure that you have the best possible start to your career as a motorcyclist, and will also help you to prepare for your practical motorcycle test.

CBT isn’t a test; it is a one day modular training course which consist of three parts. The CBT is designed so riders can demonstrate a safe and competent level of riding on public roads before a DL196 certificate is issued to them, allowing them to ride unaccompanied on the road. Only Approved Motorcycle Instructors can conduct CBT courses.

DL196 Certificate

The DL196 is a legal document which will validate all relevant entitlements listed on your driving licence. You will need to present your DL196 certificate when you take your practical motorcycle driving test. You do not need to take a motorcycle theory test before you complete your CBT, but if you are a new motorcyclist then it is recommended that you do so.

The Format of CBT

The course beings with discussion and instruction on the correct type of clothing and helmets to wear when riding, how to carry out maintenance checks, and the Highway Code. The first half of the day will be carried out at an off road facility, such as a large car park, where riders can learn how to safely pull away, stop, change gear and take corners. You will be riding on public roads in the second half of the day. This will help to reinforce the skills you acquired at the beginning of the day. If you ride in a proficient, confident and safe manner you will be issued with a DL196 certificate.

The CBT is split into three modules as follows:

Module 1 – Theoretical and practical training.

Module 2 – Practical riding skills and pre-road ride briefing.

Module 3 – Practical on-road riding skills.

During the course you will be given a log book. Your instructor will use the log book to keep a record of the topics you have covered and your skills and knowledge in each area. The logbook is needed to prove you have reached a satisfactory level in each module, so you can receive your DL196 certificate – so make sure that you keep it safe.

After You Pass Your Compulsory Basic Training

As you leave the training centre with your certificate in hand, you are just at the very beginning of your motorcycle career. The certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue and will allow you to ride unaccompanied on the road. If you have not passed your full practice motorcycle or moped test when you certificate expires, and you wish to carry on riding on the road, you must retake the CBT course so you can be issued with a new certificate.