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Driving for Motorcycle

Sep 18

Should you Consider Advanced Motorcycle Training after Passing your Test?

(Image Source: Flickr)

You may be the most confident person in the world in terms of your ability to ride a motorcycle, but the fact remains that pretty much every rider can find some benefit in undertaking advanced motorcycle training from professionals.

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Jul 15

Summer Security & Seasonal Bike Theft

Image Source: Flickr

Motorcycle thieves are repellent, pox-ridden scumbags, but they do have something in common with normal, decent members of society like you and me. When the temperatures rise and the sun begins to peep through the relentless blanket of miserable grey sludge that we in Britain call “the sky”, they suddenly become excited by the idea of getting on a bike and going somewhere nice. Then they realise they don’t own one, and come round to your house and steal yours.

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Apr 15

Is Biking For The Middle-Aged?

Image Source: Flickr

You may be familiar with Betteridge’s Law. It’s a useful way to navigate through the mountain of articles, blog posts and think-pieces anyone with an internet connection is presented with every day of their lives. The Law states, more or less, that any headline that asks a question will be followed by an article that can be summarised by the word “no”. And yes, that includes this one.

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Feb 15

Should You Get A Black Box Camera For Your Bike?

Image Source: Flickr

The spread of miniature high-definition cameras has, if nothing else, given the owners of YouTube a reason to buy petabytes of extra storage. These days, they’re needed to cope with the millions of minutes of road accident footage that’s uploaded every month. Russian drivers have been at the forefront of the spread of this kind of material, partly because making a claim from their insurance companies is a whole lot less traumatic if you can use video to prove that an incident wasn’t your fault. So is it something that bikers should consider? New riders in particular can be charged extremely high insurance premiums, so if there’s a way to bring them down, it’s worth at least looking at the options.

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Nov 14

Advanced Riding Courses: The Next Step

You may not feel like doing an advanced riding course immediately after you’ve passed your test, but the next time your insurance company “adjusts” (i.e. raises) your annual premium, bear in mind that an advanced qualification is often a passport to lower costs. The training is not usually as expensive as you might think, it can be a lot of fun – and of course, the general idea is to improve your skills on the road.

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Aug 14

Top Tips for Reducing Your Motorcycle Insurance Costs

Motorcycle owners have to pay for high insurance premiums, just like their car-owning counterparts. It’s no secret that car insurance in the United Kingdom is quite high. That is despite the insurance industry telling us that premiums are lower these days!

If you own a motorbike, you are doubtless fed up of paying a small fortune just to drive on Her Majesty’s public roads! But it’s not all bad news. Why? Because there are some great ways that you can reduce your insurance premiums! Find out how in this handy guide.

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Apr 14

Things to Research Before You Head Off on a Bike Road Trip

motorcycle-road-tripOne of the biggest pleasures for bikers is heading off on bike road trip. Whether you go alone, with a passenger, or with other people on bikes, you can have an amazing time on a bike road trip and end up with some great stories to tell. Continue reading →

Mar 14

Motorcycle Insurance Explained

Getting insured on a motorcycle is never an easy process, and especially for newly qualified motorcyclists it can be a difficult to get your head around the hidden costs, confusing terms and long forms. Continue reading →

Feb 14

Just Got Your Licence? Top Money Saving Tips When Buying Motorcycle Insurance

header-imageCongratulations on getting your motorcycle licence! Now that you are done cramming for exams, it is time to make sure you are insured before hitting the road. Motorcycle insurance is required by law to legally drive in the UK, but it is a worthwhile investment regardless to ensure that both you, other drivers, and your bike have the protection they need and deserve. Consider these money saving tips before purchasing your motorcycle insurance and you will be ready to ride in no time.

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Dec 13

A Beginner’s Guide to Motorcycle Insurance: What to Consider

You are legally required to have Motorcycle Insurance in the UK if you plan on putting those passing test scores to use. Not only does insurance protect other people on the road, but it protects you and your equipment as well. When purchasing such invaluable security, you want to ensure you get the right policy for your needs without paying more than you need to.

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