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Driving for Motorcycle

5 Ways to Improve Your Bike’s Fuel Efficiency

(Image Source: Flickr)

A major benefit of choosing to ride a motorcycle is the fuel economy the machine offers when compared to a car. A 250cc motorbike offers around 85 miles per gallon, which far exceeds anything a car can provide. However, have you ever considered the ways in which you can improve your machine’s fuel economy even further? Below is a guide to 5 ways you can get more miles out of a tank of fuel.

Carry Out Regular Maintenance

The best way to reduce the amount of fuel your motorcycle needs is to carry out regular maintenance to keep the machine in top shape. You should periodically check the spark plugs and valve seat clearances on your engine, as well as changing the oil and air filters when they become dirty. Carrying out these simple steps can improve your engine’s fuel efficiency by as much as 10%.

Change Your Riding Style

Although it can be fun to ride at high speed, you should make sure that every trip doesn’t involve racing between different destinations as fast as possible. You should adjust your riding style so that you keep the RPMs low and your gear changes smooth. Doing so will help your engine to burn fuel in the most efficient way.

Plan Your Trips

When planning a ride, you should attempt to combine destinations. It is estimated that making multiple short trips can consume almost double the amount of fuel which would be used on a single trip. This is because the engine has to start from cold at the beginning of each trip, which uses more fuel.

Streamline Your Kit

Thinking about the kit you wear and the cargo you carry can help to cut your machine’s fuel consumption drastically. For example, wearing a full-face helmet rather than a half face helmet will contribute to reducing the amount of drag created, which will mean your engine doesn’t have to burn as much fuel to propel you forward. You should also remember that as your speed increases, so does the amount of wind resistance that you face. When driving at 40mph, the amount of wind resistance you will experience is around half of that you feel at 60mph. Slowing down can drastically improve the amount of mileage you can cover using one tank of fuel.

Watch Your Weight

Your machine is only designed to carry a certain weight. However, as time passes, it can be tempting to add additional stuff to your machine, like saddlebags and other accessories. But every item you add to your machine comes at a price, and that price is reduced fuel efficiency. Not only will an overladen machine place strain on the engine, but it will also make your machine aerodynamically unsound, increasing drag and fuel consumption. You should carefully consider each additional item you have added to your motorcycle before removing those you do not need.

By taking these simple steps, you can reduce the cost of riding your machine, which means you will be able to hit the road without having to worry about the impact on your wallet.