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1 in 4 Superbikes Sold in 2018 was a Ducati Panigale

(Image Source: Flickr)

2018 ended in style for Ducati, with the year’s tally of motorbikes sold to customers all over the world hitting an impressive figure of 53,000.

Ducati broke the 50,000 bikes sold per year threshold back in 2015 and claims to have succeeded in doing so for four consecutive years now. 9700 bikes sold were either the V4 or V-Twin machines, an increase of as much as 70 percent on the previous year, putting Ducati at the peak of the superbike segment with a more than 26 percent share of the market. One out of every four superbikes sold in the entire world in 2018 was a Ducati Panigale.

The ranges

The V4, which was much lauded upon its introduction in 2018, sold an impressive 6100 units worldwide, more than justifying its creation and the hard work put into it by the company’s development and design teams. The Multistrada range was just as much of a success, selling 11,829 units last year. The range also welcomed the addition of the brand new Multistrada 1260 and 1260s, which helped to increase sales to 6569 units, a rise of no less than 25 percent in comparison to 2017.

Bucking the trends

2018 proved to be a difficult time for the big motorbike market, with many vital countries such as the United States experiencing a significant slowdown in overall sales. Yet by the end of the year Ducati was able to demonstrate that it had bucked that trend by selling more than 53,000 bikes to customers all over the world, consolidating the growth in the company that had been achieved in the years prior to 2018, according to Claudio Domenicali, the CEO of Ducati.

Domenicali says that the company achieved stability last year, which was positive in regards to both their business and racing, in which they won several MotoGP races and were able to develop an exceptional vehicle. Domenicali added that there was no dispute as to the solidity of the company, or its ability to forge ahead with product development and innovation, which will allow them to continue to offer customers new technology and style icons over the course of the coming years.

Sales by country

Growth proved solid in Italy at 4.5 percent, reaching a total of 9200 bikes sold and returning the nation to its place as Ducati’s biggest market. There was also a strong performance recorded in Spain, with 8 percent growth and 2444 motorbikes sold, and growth in Japan continued with a 2 percent increase and 1941 bikes sold.

Growth in Switzerland also increased by 2.2 percent, with 1276 bikes sold. However there were just 7843 sold in the United States, formerly the company’s number one market, which reflected the 9 percent overall drop in the motorcycle sector in the country. The upward trend did at least continue in Asian markets, particularly in China, which experienced growth of 29 percent after the establishment of a new direct branch, and an expansion of the sales network to 23 dealerships from the former number of 19.